Their are many advantages that people can get out of playing different sports. It is one of the best forms of entertainment but it also helps to keep our body physically fit and away from various sickness. Sports is also an effective tool in helping with the development of a child. By allowing a child to engage in sports activities. These sports activities need not to be the usual competitive ones that we often see on televisions. Simple sporting activities and fun games for kids can promote the same values and attain the same goals that organized sports can achieved. Below are some great ideas for sports that kids can play.

Simple obstacle courses

Obstacle courses will enhance the agility and flexibility of a child. It will keep their bodies moving and active. To promote teamwork, have the kids work in groups and promote a healthy competition as well. Some other skills like mental alertness and critical thinking can also be incorporated in the obstacle course by adding some Math problems or puzzles along the way. The object of the game is to complete the course without skipping anything the shortest possible time and ahead of the competition.

Name it game

The object of the game is to give a name of a thing or anything else that is under the same category as the previous ones that were given. At the start of the game the facilitator will throw a ball at someone and he will catch it then give the name of the thing being asked. He will then pass the ball to someone else. The winner is the last person to remain in the game. This game promotes mental alertness and makes the kids think fast and on their toes. This is an excellent game that can be played in groups improving the child's social skills.

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