Are you going crazy wondering why you’re going broke while other players get Cristiano Ronaldo and other star players?  You may be wondering how other gamers are building their teams well and making hundreds of coins while you can’t seem to figure out the right way to do it.
Here are some tips that might help you discover the right methods that work for you.

Tips to make more coins

1.       Don’t go  below 5k coins. Go with single player matches to quickly earn coins.

2.       Concentrate on rare players because you get minimum of 600+ coins if you decide to trade.

3.       End auctions during peak hours which is usually from 6pm to 12am GMT +0

4.       Don’t purchase a player without proper research sing Fifa 13 ultimate team coins database.

  1. Remember that 4-1-2-1-2, 4-3-3 & 4-4-2 formation cards are highest in value.
  2. Remember that formations with 5 defender cards are of the least value.
  3. Make another Ultimate Team account if you have a full trade pile.
  4. Remember that the drop in price of Out of Form cards caused by IF cards is temporary.
  5. Sell frequently.  It works to sell more and buy fewer coins.
  6. Think beyond premier league.
Making Profit from Buying and Selling of Players

1.        Check  Futhead and UltimateTeamDB  and look for players

2.       Prepare a list of 10 rare players that go for 700 to 3k coins.

3.        Search auction for price.  Buy players if the floor price is at least 2x the bid.

4.        Go with your list to increase bids and buy if the prices are reasonable

5.        Win the auction and relist the player for twice the price paid to make a good profit.

6.       End the auction after 3 hours at least so that maximum number of people can see it.

These tips will hopefully take you out of your state of despair and make you better at formations and buying and selling coins. It isn’t easy but that is actually what makes the game so challenging.

Reference taken from here http://fifacoingenerators.co.uk/

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