Minecraft PC Game Review

Markus Persson developed Minecraft back in May 2009. It is an Indie sandbox building game which may be played offline by downloading or online. In the game, the player creates by placing together blocks of different materials. This game clearly centers on construction of a fortress from glass, stone, dirt, water, wood, and other materials. During day-time the players build blocks, mine, and gather resources from passive mobs. But during night time, aggressive mobs and monsters lurk in the dark and it is the player’s responsibility to protect his property. Over 2 million people are already hooked to this game. The player’s avatar carries a pickaxe that may be used to destroy or lay down blocks.

There comes a time in the game that players feel like they need to modify or change something and this is when they can use the Minecraft mods. These mods can change the player’s entire free minecraft download to avoid boredom, add style, initiate creativity, and make it easier to play. The different Minecraft mods are:

·         Aether mod – in this mod, there is no underground hell dimension. It is replaced by a floating sky. It features flying pigs and moas, which are flying mounts. There are new block types like the cloud block.

·         Minecraft Planes mod – in this mod, the players can build planes that will enable them to travel far. Of course there would be different planes with varying capabilities ranging from offensive planes to cargo and transportation planes.

·         Too many items Minecraft mod – this mod works well with the other mods that is why this is highly recommended. The most wonderful thing about this is that it enables the players to pull any item out of thin air. By using this mod, players can stock items and it would be easier to gather difficult to find items for building certain blocks.

·         Millenaire NPC mod – this s the most popular Minecraft mod because it enables the players to add villages of NPC as well as to interact with NPCs and upgrade the villages into towns. The NPCs will prepare the wool and cobblestones for the players if they can upgrade the villages into towns.

These mods add a certain level of adventure, fun, and creativity into this game. By using them, the players will never get tired of constructing new things.Look here for more details http://getminecraftforfree.org/enjoy-minecraft-for-free/ .