Contrary to popular belief, the Xbox 360 console and the games included there are not the only primary source for Microsoft points for the sake of using those same MPs for Xbox-exclusive downloads at the Xbox Marketplace. To be true, MPs are as much of a promotional item as grocery coupons and online promo codes, so of course it's not limited to the Xbox. Microsoft Point Gratuit is also useable on Zune as well as music download over MSN. It just so happened that one of the biggest markets for MPs are the Xbox crowd since Xbox is considered one of this generation's best consoles (a prime competitor against the Nintendo Wii and the PS3, to be true).

Microsoft Points Usage and How to Get MPs

·         The Xbox is a prime candidate for MP use since it's basically a web browser and dedicated gaming hub in one package. It's composed of five menus including media, settings, marketplace, games, and Xbox. Essentially, you can collect quite a lot of free Microsoft points from simply playing the game for a certain amount of time or unlocking special achievements. Once you've collected enough points, you can head on over to the marketplace and buy all sorts of goodies.

·         There are times when you can buy expansion ports for games or even freebie games altogether. One particular favorite reward from collecting a significant amount of MPs is buying retro games or games from the 8-bit and 16-bit era (there are even Atari and Arcade classics available). Most gamers spend all their points reliving their childhood or playing addictive and short games their fathers or big brothers played when they were kids.

·         You can also "buy" in-game items, special weapons, power-ups, hidden levels, unlock bosses, and so forth with MPs. Since they're currency, you can even exchange them for dollars so that you can buy actual stuff from brick-and-mortar stores. Finally, MPs are also useful in buying or getting discounts from Microsoft-related products not necessarily associated with the Xbox gaming console. It's a win-win deal.

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Gamers who are looking for consoles will surely find one for their Xbox. These games are usually not that difficult to play and run. Usually, this can be done by having a small purchase on tiger direct. The top eleven hack can also be considered for this. Using the drive can be very easy. It needs to be installed first. Then after, users can download movies and games already. Many reviews say that they have been able to fill their Xbox in a short period of time. To free up the space just in case, deleting movies and games is really easy.

What Else to Know about Xbox

Downloading the games is not that difficult. Once the games were downloaded, running them on the Xbox should be the next move. This will not cost that much. For this to be done, users to have a mod chipped Xbox. Sometimes, this is also called a soft boot. Those who do not have any idea should Google this further. Remember to get a larger HD too. This is very important when saving games. Internet connection is a must of course. These are just the simple things that need to be attended too.

The reason for the above mentioned is that whenever Xbox are modified, they usually require larger HDs, which is just the start because there is also a need for software to be installed in order to play games and movies too. If by any chance, the person does not like to purchase the said pre modified Xbox, then using a soft boot CD is seem applicable. Using such is very simple. Just transfer the downloaded game on the CD. Then connect to the internet. Those who want to learn more about this should read articles like this one! Hope this helps!

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Hacking need not necessarily be always looked upon with negativity. Sometimes hacking also does some good to people. Yeah crazy as it may sound, there is definitely no harm in trying out hacks for games. Guess everyone will agree on this note.

Hacks for player benefit

Email hacking is definitely a wrong thing to do and it is not advisable but when it comes to hacking games, it doesn’t affect any specific person nor there is any intrusion of privacy. If there is any effect, it only helps the player move up ranks to be either a detective or a sergeant and finish solving cases in a jiffy. This only brings in more interest into the game and will not wear out the player. Hence it is absolutely OK to use the criminal case hack for player benefit.

Tips to find objects

The hacks not only give access to unlimited energy, they also give hints and tips when it comes to time-bound crime scenes where the player has to find all the objects in the area in order to gain points and increase his experience or speaking like a criminal case player, XP. These games are very thrilling and very engrossing, they are at times so addictive that one tends to forget other things and always have the urge to keep solving the cases.

Hack for the clothes and looks

There are several items on the avatar tab with which a player can change his look and appearance, add an accessory like sunglasses, tattoos etc. These will be unlocked only if the player crosses certain levels, but there is no need to worry, the hack will take care of this as well. Once the hack is clicked for looks and clothes, the player has access to all the new stuff available.

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