The computer and internet has become an entertainment center for many.  Compared to watching TV or movies, many people want to have an active part in what they are watching and often have a hand in a successful ending.  A good number of the Best flash games require good eyes, logic, finger or hand dexterity and good general knowledge.

One type of a game

In social websites, it will be noticed that many are very interested in games like finding hidden objects that has a time limit and comparative scores with others.  How quick you recognize and find them is thrilling.  What becomes frustrating is when you click on an item and nothing happens.  It’s just one of two things: it’s not the right object or you clicked outside of the object.  Another challenge is to know the word that describes it and what it looks like.

Quick and accurate reaction to click on the hidden object and move to another is essential to play the game well.

Social websites

Playing or competing with friends in social websites is an activity that is sometimes hard to refuse.  Many friends in a website like facebook love to pit their talents against each other.  Men love to race each other in drag races.  It’s almost like the real thing because there are ways to choose a car and it set up.  It’s also a challenge to start the car as quick as possible when the green light is on.

There are websites dedicated for just the best flash games.  Several categories show on the side bar and allow you to select which one to play them.  Other choices are like for one player, two players and play the games on 3D.  When playing them in a social website it might take longer to load.  Try playing the game directly from the website source.

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