Now that you’ve already downloaded the game, it’s time to create the account. This game needs payment to play in full version. So does this mean you cannot play if you don’t have money? The answer is NO. Minecraft free download is here, serving you a free to play account in a free to play game. Yes that’s true people! You can play this game for free!

This game is provided for all sorts of mankind as I told you before. You’ll just need a system then go play as long as you want to play. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Free and Paid accounts:

Advantages and Disadvantages:

1.       Free account does not cover full coverage, while Paid account get some free items for starters.

2.       Free account does not insure if your game will be on the list in other worlds, while Paid account is easy to pass your world for multiplayer gaming.

3.       In free monsters lack, in paid it is all present.

4.       Free account is hard to update due to lack of requirements, in paid you can update whenever there is an update.

5.       Lastly, free account does not bring all the fun in. Paid accounts can make you happy forever.

Taking Advantage of Free to Play

So what are you waiting for guys? Playing this game gives you full time satisfaction. Maybe this can be the chance of you getting discovered on sites, or might as well get paid every time you do a great version of the game. Just create your own hype, play the game that’s it. And you can share it to others, so you will know if you did great or you need more practice to showcase your talent. Whether it’s online or offline, this game offers no limitations. Look here for more details


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