Minecraft is a sandbox indie game developed by “Notch”, a Swedish programmer whose real name is Markus Pensson; it is basically a world of blocks. This game enhances the player’s ability in abstract and imagination. The plot depends on how the player reacts to the games surrounding. As a beginner playing Minecraft, you will start from nothing. Explore the Minecraft environment, it is amazing when you discover your potential. Your goal is to survive, especially if you are playing Survival, Adventure, and Hard core mode since there are monsters during nightime. In Minecraft world, your character should be active during daytime to gather foods, find raw materials for crafting blocks that will be useful in building structures, and win in battle as well.

Minecraft supports single player and multi player platform. If you don't want battle in the game, choose single player platform and go to creative mode where you will only build and create structures. However, if you want hardcore adventure game, go to multi player server and explore, battle, and survive. Start downloading the game as you become the master in the world of Minecraft.

Guide in Getting Free Minecraft

Purchase Minecraft from the official website, but if you are on a budget, you can download free Minecraft . A guide in downloading the software for Minecraft hosting server is given in the Official Website. You can choose a classic version that supports multiplayer platform, free demo version with limited hours to play in a single player platform, and a genuine Minecraft account by doing paid surveys. Paid surveys purchase the Minecraft for you, they only ask an hour of your time to completely fill the survey form. Submit the form and you'll receive you Minecraft account. You can choose to get more from the paid surveys by patronizing the survey forms. After you receive your freebies, start playing Minecraft. Use your natural skills in discovering different worlds in Minecraft.Go here to see, what author recommends. http://getminecraftforfree.org/enjoy-minecraft-for-free/

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